Commercial and Residential Project Management

Evaluate Your Renovation Options: Stay in Budget and Make Informed Decisions

Detailed Planning and Supervision

Project management involves intricate, detailed planning as well as knowledgeable and professional supervision. This is accomplished by assessing client’s needs and requires constant communication between Lou, his design team, suppliers and craftsmen. This process ensures that the final renovation is exactly what the homeowner has envisioned.

Lou also tries to give as many options as possible, so the homeowner can stay in budget and not overspend while making well-informed decisions.

Lou makes sure that he and his team of professionals guide and help you, so that you can have the renovation that you have always dreamed of.

An Alternative to Complete Renovation Projects

Project management is an alternative to complete renovation projects, because these projects require professional supervision by someone who has sound structural construction knowledge and experience.

Renovations of Excellence Ltd., with Lou as project manager, is a reliable and proven company capable of doing complete home makeovers. Contact us for references or take a look at what people are saying about us.

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