Edmonton Bathroom Renovations

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Improve Your Space with Our Bathroom Renovations

Perhaps when you bought your house, your bathroom was brand-new and perfect. But several years or decades later, the paint peels off the wall, mould gathers on the ceiling, and the tiles seem stained a permanent yellow.

Or perhaps you bought a previously owned house, which means the bathroom was built to accommodate someone other than yourself. Now that you’re comfortably settled into your house, you’re ready to update the bathroom and make it truly your own.

No matter the reason you’re considering a bathroom renovation for your Edmonton home, Renovations of Excellence Ltd. has the experience, expertise, and award-winning designs you need. We’re ready to craft the in-home spa or luxurious modern bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having.

Benefit from a Beautiful Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is too cramped, too dismal, or too mouldy after years of use, we’ll put our talents to work turning it into your ideal space. Do you want new light fixtures? A better bath or shower? Beautiful new tile or countertops? Our Alberta team can take care of it all.

To see how we’ve improved bathrooms in the past, view our gallery. You can glean inspiration from our older projects or talk to our expert designers to craft a vision of your own.

To schedule your bathroom renovation in Edmonton, call us at 587-334-1538. You can request a quote or discuss any of your current concerns, questions, or design ideas.

When you’re ready for your renovations in Edmonton, call our team at 587-334-1538. We’ll give you a quote, and then get to work beautifying your home.